Well Done SMS – Good Job Quotes for colleagues, friends Wishes Messages

Well Done SMS: Emails and notes are simple yet very effective ways to motivate colleagues, employees, students and people in general. If you are a manager, boss, friend or parent to someone who has done a good job, write a few words to appreciate the hard work. Inspirational quotes like these can also be used in formal speeches made to recognize someone’s achievements at the workplace. This post will help you think of ideas to write your own messages for people who have gone above and beyond their call of duty to get the job done.

1) A lot of people failed at what you accomplished, simply because they were busy finding problems while you were busy finding solutions. Well done.

2) Doing anything with perfection is like wearing an impeccable suit – the best way to make a great impression. Well done.


3) May success follow you, each and every place you go. In the halo of prosperity, may you always glow. May you get everything, that you could ever ask for. Great times lie ahead for you, of that we are very sure. Well done.

4) Opportunity comes to those who quit Waiting and start Looking. Success comes to those who quit Thinking and start Doing. Congratulations for Looking and Doing. Well done.

5) One job well done can be redemption for many a mistake of the past. Keep it up.

6) Less problems, more solutions – keep working like this and nothing will be able to stop you from reaching the top. Good job.


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