Quotes about Brother and Sister – SMS, Status on Bro, Sis, Text Message

  1. You were always my best friend,
    looking out for me, making sure the
    path I traveled on was smooth. Even
    if I searched the world over, there
    cannot be a better brother than you.

  2. We were always close,
    looking out for each other
    even when life led us along
    different paths…
    Like an invisible thread,
    our love binds us together,
    making sure we’ll
    remember where we came
    from and what we mean to each other.

  3. Those are the same stars, and that is
    the same moon, that look down upon
    your brothers and sisters, and which
    they see as they look up to them,
    though they are ever so far away from
    us, and each other.


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