Inspirational Quotes for Cancer Patients – Motivational SMS for Patients, Messages

Inspirational messages for cancer patients: In a way, people who are battling cancer survive more on hope and less on chemotherapy. Never-ending support from family, loved ones and friends makes a world of a difference. If you know someone who is plagued by the disease, help them win the fight with cancer by giving daily doses of inspiration. From sending motivational quotes by text to posting beautiful poems about life on their Facebook – there are many ways in which you can help them overcome the pain and suffering for a better tomorrow.

 Inspirational Quotes for Cancer Patients

1) Keep walking, keep running and let cancer be the shadow that disappears when life turns a new day.


2) Winning over cancer is all about embracing one of the most humble and innocent virtues of mankind – TRUST. Trust your doctors, trust your treatment, trust your family and most importantly, trust your prayers.


3) Cancer is an ugly disease but the beauty of life after cancer is worth fighting for.


4) Fill your veins with medicines, fill your heart with love, fill your mind with determination and fill your soul with hope so that cancer has no place to stay in your life.


5) Your strength to suffer pain today will be the pen that writes a new destiny. Just one month of being cancer-free will wipe away the pain of many years of chemotherapy.

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