Gurinder Singh Ji / Radha Soami Baba Ji Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes

राधा स्वामी जी

On 1st Aug, our loving Babaji’s birthday is there. If a person is unknown to us then his birthday not matters for us. If he is normal known person then we give him good wishes on his birthday. If he is our relative or friend whom we like bit more than others then we give him some gift along with wishes.
If he is our family member then we celebrate his birthday along with wishes and gifts. If we love him more like our parents or children I.e. For most loving person we start preparations number of days ago, make arrangements, make plans, implement them, prepare or arrange special food, special gifts and all. All we do to make the birthday boy or girl happy. Whatever we plan or whatever dedication we have depends on the love we do for the person having birthday. Now it’s our Babaji’s Birthday. Our Babaji’s most favourite gift is Bhajan Simran, now it depends upon us, that how much love we have for HIM, so that how much time we give to HIM on his birthday before HIS birthday and after HIS birthday to make the Birthday Boy Happy. Whether we love HIM more than, equal to or less than worldly relations, it depends on our gift for HIM. We should take a leave from office or should give less time to office family or regular work on 1st August to spend more time on Bhajan Simran and keep on following the same path after 1st August also.

— राधा स्वामी जी

Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes

Like a burning candle Teachers light the mind Enriching the lives & futures By sharing of their time.
Happy Birthday Babaji


No matter where I go, no matter what I do, no matter who I am with, you will always be the rock that holds my life together.
Happy birthday Gurinder Singh Baba Ji


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