Break Up SMS – Sad Breakup Quotes, Text Messages, Status

Break Up SMS

  1. Roses are red, violets are… ah the hell with it. Get your crap and get out.
  2. Love hurts when u break up with sum 1 hurts even more when sum 1 breaks up with U…
  3. Have I told you lately how much I am in love with you??? No?? Think about it, have a great life…
  4. I was born the day I met you, lived a while when you loved me, died a little when we broke apart.
  5. I’d climb the highest mountain. I’d swim the ocean blue I’d do anything at all my dear- Just to get away from u.
  6. Break my heart, destroy my soul and leave me crying. I’d still love you and i won’t expect you to love me in return.
  7. I miss u when ur far away. I think about u every night & day.Even if we cant b 2gether.I will miss u now & forever!
  8. Remember me and bare in mind A faithful girl is hard to find This is always good and true So don’t go changing old for new!
  9. Relationships Are Like Glass… Sometimes It’s Better To Leave Them Broken. Than Try To Hurt Yourself Putting It Back Together.
  10. It only takes one min 2 get a crush on sum 1, one hr 2 like sum 1 n a day 2
    love sum 1, but it takes a life time to forget sum 1.
  11. love will fly if held too lightly. Love will die if held too tightly. How should I hold u. How do I know if I’m still keeping you or I’m letting go.
  12. Heart Is Similar To Mirror, Mirror Shows Our Reflection & Heart Shows Affection,
    Both Have One Similarity, Both Cant Be Reformed After Breaking.
  13. My eyes are hurting coz I can’t see U, My arms are empty coz I can’t hold U, My lips are cold coz I cant kiss U bt, My heart is breaking coz I’m not with U!
  14. I hide my tears when i say your name but the pain in my heart is still the same.
    Though i smile & seem care free there’s no one who misses u more than me.
  15. I heard someone whisper ur name, but when i turned around to see who it was, i notice i was alone, then i realize it was my heart telling me that i miss u.
  16. When life changes & we go our separate ways, u will still be in my heart til my dying days. I tell no lie this is true, the world has never seen a friend like u.

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