Slogans On World Population Day – Greetings, Ecards, Wishes, Thoughts

Human life, the keepers, the weepers, endless seekers.

Only Love can answer the little ones who have themselves all the world to learn.

No doubt, weather and war, the death roll shall befall.

Assume me great, assume me worthless, I am human life, my numbers many for plight is plenty.

Sacrifice of human life, an action to destruction for an end.

My human numbers many for life to sustain plenty.

Naked at birth, naked at death for no material worth shall I take with.

My Mommies, Mommies, Mommy loved me today.

Can my Daddy’s hands wipe the tears from my great grand daughters loneliness?

For he is me and I am him who bares the name a human friend.

Child to child who are we, the specimen of humanity.

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  1. bhawna

    on July 14, 2014 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    Nice slogans and thoughts on world population. I liked it. So good.

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