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Great Collections of Rajinikanth Funny SMS – Latest Rajinikanth Jokes Messages

Rajinikanth Funny SMS

Rajinikanth: Hello I’m Rajinikanth.
Receiver: Han Han, Pata Hai!
Rajinikanth: Tujhe Kaise Pata Chala, Main Rajinikanth Bol Raha Hun?
Receiver: Bass Kya Bhai… Mobile Switch Off Tha Mera!


Rajinikanth Sir,
You’re really great. You hugged a ‘Chaiwala’ and now he’s our PM!


Once Rajnikanth went to Switzerland and accidentally droped his wallet in a building.
Since then, the place is popular for its “Swiss Bank”!


Once Rajinikanth bowled to Sachin Tendulkar and that was the day Rajinikanth came to know that he’s not God.
As Cricket can have only one God.
The story doesn’t end here.

But he bowled him on the first ball, and that’s how the realization that he’s Super God!


The weather in India is such smoky and foggy that either,

1. Rajinikanth is smoking,
2. Alok Nath is doing Puja!


Person: Rajinikanth ji, total how many jokes have been made on you?
Rajinikanth: Only 2-3 jokes.
Person: 2-3 jokes?
Rajnikanth: Enna Rascala! Rest all are facts!


Breaking News:
The reason behind recent onion price rise revealed.
Actually Rajinikanth

ordered “Onion Uttapam”!


What happens if Rajinikanth is appointed the coach of the Indian Cricket team?
Don’t even try to guess as to what would happen.

The Indian Cricket team would win the FIFA and Hockey World Cup!


Once Rajanikanth bunked a whole day in school.
Since then that day is known as……..Sunday!


How did Paul Octopus die?

He was asked to predict Rajnikanth’s death.

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