Pappu Funny Jokes, Messages, SMS – Santa and Papu Comedy Msg

Santa: If you are good,
Pappu, I’ll give you this bright new 500 rupee note.
Pappu: Haven’t you got a dirty old 1000 rupee note?

Banta inquiring about Pappu’s maternal Uncle was told that he was very sick.
Banta replied,”Oh, he only thinks he’s sick.”
He met Pappu after several days and again inquired about his Uncle. Pappu replied, “He thinks he’s dead!”

Pappu (calling father at office): Hello, who is this?
Santa (recognizing son’s voice): The smartest man in the world.
Pappu: Pardon me, I got the wrong number!

Pinky: What are you running for, Pappu?
Pappu: I’m trying to keep two fellas from fighting.
Pinky: Who are the fellows?
Pappu: Bunty and me!

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