I Like You SMS – Like You Messages to Him, Quotes, Status, Lines, Wordings

I Like You Messages for Him: Feeling nervous about confessing your crush on a guy? If you are a shy girl and want to be subtle about the whole thing, start flirting by sending cute text messages. If you don’t have any issues with being open, write a sweet note on a handmade card and give it to him in person. Take inspiration from this post to ask your crush out on a date in the sweetest possible way. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Don’t be stuck in the friend zone forever. Guys love girls who know what they want. And if a date with your crush is on your mind, maybe it is time you bare your heart.

 I Like You SMS

1) I don’t know the difference between LIKE and LOVE but I’d sure like to find out, with you.


2) My tummy starts to rumble and my body language begins to fumble, my eyes start to flutter and my speech suddenly stutters. These are the side effects I get when I see you, because looking at a handsome guy like you makes me go whew!


3) Whenever you smile at me, my heart skips a beat and my eyes start to flutter… hoping that I Like You too, is what your lips will utter. XOXO


4) I have fallen ill with a disease which is making me crush on you. I just hope it is contagious so that you have a crush on me too. I like you.


5) You are much more than just dreamy… you are intoxicating. I like you.

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