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Good luck messages for college and university: Looking to write something sweet on a farewell card when someone is leaving for college? Whether it is for your son, daughter or a friend – think about the most inspirational piece of advice you can give and turn it into a lovely note that is a priceless mark of the beginning of a student’s life at college or university. You can even write a funny quote if you want to give a humorous twist to your message. Whatever you do, make sure your greeting becomes the perfect start to a journey which will go down in the memory lane as one of the best.

 Good Luck SMS

1) Use your imagination – it is the only thing that will never run out. Good luck.


2) College will be a wonderful journey which will be beautiful and bad, exciting and exhausting, unique and ugly, happy and horrendous, charming and cute, lovely and lonely. Good luck.


3) As you leave for college I just have one thing to say to you son – be brave, be curious. Good luck.


4) Curiosity may have killed the cat but don’t let the lack of it make you as good as dead. Good luck for college.


5) College is all about LEARNING – Listen, Experience, Aspire, Reflect, Nurture, Imagine, Network and Grow. Good luck.


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