Friendship SMS – Best Friends Messages English, Quotes, Status, Thoughts

Friendship Is Not Written By Chalk
2 Erase Or Write Again.
It?s Written With Da Ink Of Love
On The Wall Of Heart
Once Written Can?t Be Changed Dats Frndship

Frnz R D Smell Of Cigrates
Whch Stays In D
Finger Tips 4 A Short Time
Bt True Frnz R Lik D
Nicotine In D Cigrates
Which Stay In D Heart Til Death..

Friends R Like Delicate Flower?
They Dry Not Die..
However I M Cactus I Will Be
Poking U So That U Will Remember Me?.
LifE iS 5 stAr
M?thEr iZ tOp stAr . . .*
FathEr ?? King st?R. *
TeAchEr?Z ultim?tE st?r
* * >
L?vE is Acti?n st?r. . .*/*
But ? fRNd iZ thE

Mising u,
is my ?HOBBY?
Care 4u,
is my ?JOB?
Make u happy,
is my?DREAM?
Pray 4 u,
is my ?DUTY?
2keep frndship with u,
Is my ?LIFE.

Some joys are better explained in silence, as a smile gets more audible than laughter. I was asked if I enjoyed my friendship with you. I just smiled.

If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn’t jump with them; I’d be at the bottom to catch them.

Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know. My riches do not lie in material wealth but in having friends like you – a precious gift from God!

I always thought loving someone is the greatest feeling, but I realized that loving a friend is even better. We lose people we love, but we never lose true friends.

One tree can start a forest, one smile can start a friendship. One touch can show you care, one friend like you can make life worth living for.

In my dreams, we were never apart. In my dreams you kept me close. In my dreams you loved me the most. In my dreams we’re Always together. Might as well be dreaming forever.
but because i accept you and respect you the way you are.

A true friend is not like the rain which pours & goes away. A true friend is like the air. Sometimes silent but always around u.

A friend is sweet when its new but it is sweeter when its TRUE! But u know what? Its sweetest when its you.

If kisses were water, I will give you the sea. If hugs were leaves, I will give you a tree. If you love a planet, I will give you a galaxy. If friendship is lif,e I will give you mine.

If you are a chocolate you are the sweetest, if you are a Teddy Bear you are the most hug-gable, If you are a Star you are the Brightest, and since you are my “FRIEND” you are the “BEST”!

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