College Life Messages – College Time Memories Sms, Quotes, Sayings, Thoughts

College Life SMS that celebrate the spirit of wonderful college days thereby remembering fond memories of college time where students forget their worries and remember nothing but friendship and fun

Midnight coffee Long chat

Midnight coffee,
Long chat,
Birthday bumps,
Bunking classes,
Crush on pals,
Fight marks,
Tears for love,
People call it college.
We call it life…

Class Room is Like train

Class Room is Like a Train
1st Two Benches are Reserved For VIP . .
Next Two are General coach
Last Two Benches are in Demand.

Last 10 Minutes Of Exam

Last 10 Minutes Of
Exam Paper,
Every Student Gets
Super Natural Powers.

College days are a person’s finest days

College days are a person’s finest days,
Lived in joy,
Spent in carefree ways,
Remembered with a heavy heart!

Professor said If any boy goes to girls hostel

Professor said
If any boy goes to girls hostel he pays a fine
Rs 100 for 1st time
Rs 200 for 2nd and Rs 500 for 3rd

One boy asked ‘how much for monthly pass?’

College is for Knowledge

College is for Knowledge,
Knowledge is for Life,
Life is for Wife,
Wife is a knife which cuts your Life,
So never choose your Wife in a College Life.

The Best Oops moment

The Best Oops! moment of COLLEGE Life…
When The Teacher is Looking for someone to Answer the Question And you Accidentally make an Eye-Contact!
Isn’t it?

Dedicated to all friends

Dedicated to all friends:
so many subjects in 1 little year,
so many hands in 1 tiffin box,
so many calls on 1 birthday nights,
so many tears for 1 single fight,
so many memories in 1 single heart,
that’s ……..
A whole lifetime in just 3 years

The Most Hungry Sad

The Most Hungry+Sad Moment..
When you are Sitting In The Examination Hall, Feeling Hungry and Then The Invigilator Is Served Hot Tea With Snacks

Funny COLLEGE Full Form

Do you know the full form of COLLEGE-
Thats why boys go to college regularly..


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