Breakup SMS for Girlfriend – Quotes to Break Up with Her, Status, Text Message

Breakup Messages for Girlfriend: Never dump a girl over a text message, tweet, email or a Facebook post. Man up and have the courage to look her in the eye to tell her why you are breaking up. While it might seem daunting, do it because it is the right thing to do. It won’t be easy and there might be fights and arguments – but at least your own conscience will be clear after the dust settles. Write a heartbreaking quote on a small piece of paper. Leave it in your girlfriend’s hands after you break up with her. Whether it was lies, cheating, jealousy or betrayal – reading your note while you walk away will give her time to reflect on the things that led to the downward spiral of your love. This might be one of the saddest and the most painful things you have done but don’t run away from it. Your love and your relationship deserve a proper closure.


Breakup SMS for Girlfriend

1) While you try to justify your actions by terming them as harmless white lies, I want you to put your hand on my heart and feel how you made it cry. You never bothered to feel my pain and wipe off the tears from my eyes, now I have no choice but to move on and say goodbye.


2) It breaks my heart as I break up with you. Maybe our love was really too good to be true.


3) Things would have never come to the point of breaking up and walking away, if you had not kept deceiving me with your lies every day. Goodbye.


4) I just had one important priority in our relationship – YOU. The problem was that we both had the same priority.


5) I still love you, I don’t deny it. But you have corroded my trust, bit by bit. Things would have been just fine, if you had stopped your lies. All you needed to do, was to hear my heart’s cries. We were a perfect couple, so carefree and happy. It’s a pity that the beauty of our love, you just couldn’t see. Goodbye.

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