Bastille Day Ecards, Greetings, Poems, Quotes, Thoughts, Status

Bastille Day Quotes and Sayings, Thoughts, Status

France is the country where the money falls apart and you can’t tear the toilet paper.
– Billy Wilder

Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion.
– Norman Schwarzkopf

We decided that the French could never write user-friendly software because they’re so rude.
– Doug Coupland

I met my wife through playing golf. She is French and couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak French, so there was little chance of us getting involved in any boring conversations – that’s why we got married really quickly.
– Sean Connery

France is the only place where you can make love in the afternoon without people hammering on your door.
– Barbara Cartland

There is far less envy in America than in France, and far less wit.
– Stendhal

One mustn’t ask apple trees for oranges, France for sun, women for love, life for happiness.
– Gustave Flaubert

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